Should a man pole dance?

JBJ Asked: I am an artist/musician of international repute (I prefer to remain anonymous) and am grievously offended by the use of my compositions by male exotic dancers. I don't mind if the babes want to dance to my tunes - but dudes!? What's up with that?! Advisor Jamal  answers: I don't know why you think that only ladies should be baring all for the base gratification of leering … [Read more...]

Are my students texting in class?

Dr. Duped Asked: When I started teaching at the university level for the very first time this year, I naively granted permission for my students to use their phones in class as note-taking devices. I don't think my students are taking notes. I think they are texting! What should I do? ~ Dr. Duped from the town so nice they named it twice. Advisor Jen answers: I would begin my … [Read more...]

What is cell phone etiquette?

  Manjeet asked: I travel a fair bit and am being driven insane by people shouting into their cell phones in airports. Have you any suggestions on how to handle this gross violation of cell phone etiquette?? Advisor Lance answers: When it comes to proper cell phone etiquette, Nothing works better than a good public shaming. Get the attention of the offender and place your index … [Read more...]

How can I seed further workplace dysfunction?

Hank Asked: I seem to be marginalized by co-workers in my office. It is a real mystery to me, because I make a point of maintaining optimal dysfunction in the workplace at all times by gauging the tenor of the workplace and then acting on it. If I sense that a group of colleagues has a dominant position, I will side with them and disparage outsiders in order to strengthen my status within the … [Read more...]

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