Are humane and ethically manufactured sleeping-bags available?

Rachel Asked: Trying to find a humane and ethically manufactured sleeping bag is turning into a very lengthy process. Did you know that in some parts of the world geese are live-plucked for their down feathers? Yikes! Rachel from Dottenheim Advisor Ming answers:  An obscure shop in Bhutan called "Tranquilmart" sells a brand lined with cat-hair removed from the brushes of content … [Read more...]

Is Rome a desirable vacation destination?

Jimbo Asked: A friend suggested that I should spend a week or two in Rome looking at stuff. Is there anything worth seeing or doing there? ~ Jimbo from Grande Prairie Advisor Pheobe answers: It sounds to me like you have no idea what Rome is all about. You need an expert like me to tell you what to see. … [Read more...]

Should I leave a tip for a chambermaid?

Lori  Asked: Should I leave a tip for the hotel room cleaner/chambermaid? My husband likes to leave $20 under his boxer shorts on the floor, say's it will "make her day!" I prefer to leave $2 taped under the toilet seat and if she finds that then she really earned it. What do you say? Advisor Gertrude answers: I do hope that your husband isn't wearing his shorts while on the floor offering … [Read more...]

What is cell phone etiquette?

  Manjeet asked: I travel a fair bit and am being driven insane by people shouting into their cell phones in airports. Have you any suggestions on how to handle this gross violation of cell phone etiquette?? Advisor Lance answers: When it comes to proper cell phone etiquette, Nothing works better than a good public shaming. Get the attention of the offender and place your index … [Read more...]

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