Math troubles: How can I pass a math exam and improve my marks?

Amber Asked: This year I am taking algebra 2. I have always had trouble grasping math concepts. I feel I have taken advantage of all the extra help available to me but I am still not getting the grade I need. I am running out of ideas on what to do. Any suggestions? ~ Amber from Haverfordwest Advisor Jen answers: Assuming the instructor is a man, my advice is to warm up to the … [Read more...]

Are my students texting in class?

Dr. Duped Asked: When I started teaching at the university level for the very first time this year, I naively granted permission for my students to use their phones in class as note-taking devices. I don't think my students are taking notes. I think they are texting! What should I do? ~ Dr. Duped from the town so nice they named it twice. Advisor Jen answers: I would begin my … [Read more...]

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