How should one handle people who don’t pick up after their dogs?

Michael  Asked: What should be done with people who don't pick up after their dog when their dog 'fouls the footpath'? ~ Michael  from Fairfield Advisor Phil answers: First of all, find out who owns the dog.  If the offending practice continues, toss a few beef boullion cubes onto their lawns on a dark rainy night. By morning, the scent of beef will be deep beneath the grass. All dogs … [Read more...]

How can I get red of bed bugs?

I'm a busy college student. My sheets go on my bed and they stay there - until the end of the quarter when I wash them and put them back on. My question is this: how often should I actually be washing them? ~ Macy from Scratchburg Advisor Phil answers: Hey, I hear ya, but I wouldn't worry about it. It's just you, after all...a couple of times a year should be fine. Bed bugs are kind of cool. … [Read more...]

What do dogs really want to eat?

Mike Asked: I have a beautiful German Shepherd that is really fussy about food. What do dogs really like to eat? ~ Mike from Prospect Lake Advisor Ming answers: I have noted in my comprehensive study of fauna in all four corners of the earth, that nothing is stronger than a dog's urge to eat maple flavored bacon.  … [Read more...]

What does catfood taste like?

Harry Asked: I was buying catfood yesterday and encountered a package label that claimed "New Improved Flavor".  How does one verify that the claim is true? ~ Harry from Camrose. Advisor Gertrude answers: Ever since my husband passed away and I lost my money, I have been eating catfood. It tastes a lot like canned corned beef, actually. If you will tell me the brand you are asking … [Read more...]

I am guilty of rodent neglect – what can I do?

Rick asked: I still feel guilty about neglecting a pet rodent I had when I was in grade 3 or 4. It was a cute little furry hamster. Is there some way that I can get over this? ~ Rick Advisor Gertrude answers: I am sorry to hear about your hamster. You know, a surprising number of people focus on rodents while overlooking the opportunity for joy in the remarkable world of industrial … [Read more...]

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