I am guilty of rodent neglect – what can I do?

Rick asked: I still feel guilty about neglecting a pet rodent I had when I was in grade 3 or 4. It was a cute little furry hamster. Is there some way that I can get over this? ~ Rick Advisor Gertrude answers: I am sorry to hear about your hamster. You know, a surprising number of people focus on rodents while overlooking the opportunity for joy in the remarkable world of industrial … [Read more...]

How can I tell if my boyfriend is lying?

Steph Asked: I bought some nice new pants last week. My boyfriend says they don’t make me look fat, but I think he’s lying to me. How can I tell if he’s telling the truth? ~ Steph   Advisor Lance answers: This is a tough one. The lying boyfriend is probably the worst kind to have, with the possible exception of the stupid boyfriend. Steph, you should station at least five mirrors … [Read more...]

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