How should one handle people who don’t pick up after their dogs?

Michael  Asked: What should be done with people who don't pick up after their dog when their dog 'fouls the footpath'? ~ Michael  from Fairfield Advisor Phil answers: First of all, find out who owns the dog.  If the offending practice continues, toss a few beef boullion cubes onto their lawns on a dark rainy night. By morning, the scent of beef will be deep beneath the grass. All dogs … [Read more...]

Should I Marry?

Pastor Manywives Asked: I am a single woman with dual Canadian-American citizenship. One of my best girlfriends, a Canadian, has asked me to marry her in a state where same gender marriage is legal so that she can get an American greencard. The problem is, I was already thinking about marrying my American girlfriend so that she can to move to Canada. To complicate matters, I am a clergywoman … [Read more...]

Should I attend a Thanksgiving Dinner?

What should I do if I'm going to have Thanksgiving dinner with people I don't like? ~ Phil from Omaha Advisor Phil answers: I see that we have the same first name. That doesn't make us kin, let alone friends. But I can identify with your dilemna. No one wants to dine with me on Thanksgiving. OK, here is how you handle it. A few days before Thanksgiving, go to your local shopping mall or … [Read more...]

What about my absent girlfriend?

William asked: My girlfriend goes away to her remote cottage every summer. She says she loves me, but can't avoid leaving me for months at a time. What am I to do? ~ William from Wales Advisor Jamal answers: She adores you. Be happy that she is enjoying herself. … [Read more...]

What do you do if you don’t like a gift?

Jane Asked: Hi. I'm wondering if one of your advisors might be an expert in etiquette? Here is my question. If someone gives you a gift that you really don't like, then asks you if you like it, should you tell the truth or should you pretend that you do like it. What do you then do with the gift that you cannot stand? ~ Jane from Cannon Beach Advisor Jen answers: I recommend … [Read more...]

When do you know whether to start a new relationship?

Gillian Asked: When do you know whether you are ready for a serious relationship after the break-up of a 33-year marriage? ~ Gillian from Stuttgart Advisor Jen answers: Gillian, this is a difficult question to answer. I feel for your situation because 33 years is a very long time, indeed. It represents a major investment of emotions, and the sharing of the most intimate aspects of … [Read more...]

What can I do about my body odor?

David Asked: I operate in state of high anxiety, which causes me to have constantly wet underarms and garish yellow stains on my clothes.  I am at the end of my rope - colleagues and friends are avoiding me, my cat moved out and even my cleaner does not want my business anymore.  What can I do??? David. PS, I believe my anxiety may be caused by a long repressed memory, only recently … [Read more...]

How do I be assertive and tell a friend that I don’t want to buy her stupid products?

Shopped-Out Asked: So Jamal, I'm asking you (since those other guys frankly look quite frightening, and I suspect I can already guess what the ladies would say!) goes: They say I'm a fun gal, I have a great circle of friends, and we all get along great and pride ourselves on supporting each other. No disagreements ; no jealousies; no spouse trades, no nothing...but here's my … [Read more...]

Can you recommend a mediocre bedtime story?

Caitlin asked: My children really enjoy bedtime stories, but I’ve read them every darned book in the house. I don’t know what to do now. Have you any suggestions? ~ Caitlin from Somerset Advisor Lance answers: What a great question, Caitlin. Clearly your imagination is mediocre. Try reading this to them: It was a dark and stormy night. The wind howled through the trees. A creak was heard … [Read more...]

Why am I drawn to certain Victorian painters?

Felix asked: I am partial to the Victorian painters. The thing is, I become wistful when gazing at certain works of the Pre-Raphaelite botherhood. Is this normal? ~ Felix Advisor Gertrude answers: No, it most certainly is not normal. You’re a very naughty young man, Felix. I have been told that some of these pictures depict scantily clad ladies. I suggest that if you are troubled by … [Read more...]

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