Wine Pairing

Holly-Anne Asked: Hello. Can you tell me what wine(s) pair well with peanut butter (natural unsalted )? ~ Holly-Anne from Normandy Advisor Bert answers: Gosh, I should think that a good peppermint-flavoured burgundy would do nicely. In a pinch, you could get away with Thunderbird (a fine American fortified wine), or if necessary, Baby Duck. … [Read more...]

What does catfood taste like?

Harry Asked: I was buying catfood yesterday and encountered a package label that claimed "New Improved Flavor".  How does one verify that the claim is true? ~ Harry from Camrose. Advisor Gertrude answers: Ever since my husband passed away and I lost my money, I have been eating catfood. It tastes a lot like canned corned beef, actually. If you will tell me the brand you are asking … [Read more...]

What is the best fish to eat?

Gil asked: What is the tastiest fish to eat? ~ Gil Advisor Gertrude answers: Thank you for your question, dear. I’ve been eating fish for a long time now. Without doubt, the tastiest fish is black cod, also known as sablefish. I prefer the black cod caught off the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. They’re caught in traps at very low depths, where the Pacific Ocean is … [Read more...]

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