Should I buy gold?

Bill Asked: Should I buy gold? ~ Bill from Leeds Advisor Bert answers: Nope. … [Read more...]

How do I be assertive and tell a friend that I don’t want to buy her stupid products?

Shopped-Out Asked: So Jamal, I'm asking you (since those other guys frankly look quite frightening, and I suspect I can already guess what the ladies would say!) goes: They say I'm a fun gal, I have a great circle of friends, and we all get along great and pride ourselves on supporting each other. No disagreements ; no jealousies; no spouse trades, no nothing...but here's my … [Read more...]

How do I get rich?

Baroness von Kiowa Asked: I would like to know what I can do to get rich? I am tired of working so hard and would like to retire so I can live a life of mediocrity. There is nothing mediocre about hard work, and I'm tired of being an achiever. Thanks for your advice. ~ Baroness von Kiowa Advisor Jamal answers: The key here is to reassess your view of what constitutes wealth. If you … [Read more...]

Please give some mediocre financial advice on equities.

Sally asked: My stock portfolio has been under-performing for almost as long as I have been investing in equities. Can you give me some mediocre financial advice, please ~ Sally Advisor Jen answers: One of the best methods to guarantee good financial performance is to sell your stocks for more that you paid for them. Do it as often as possible. Find a broker willing to do this for … [Read more...]

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