Are humane and ethically manufactured sleeping-bags available?

Rachel Asked: Trying to find a humane and ethically manufactured sleeping bag is turning into a very lengthy process. Did you know that in some parts of the world geese are live-plucked for their down feathers? Yikes! Rachel from Dottenheim Advisor Ming answers:  An obscure shop in Bhutan called "Tranquilmart" sells a brand lined with cat-hair removed from the brushes of content … [Read more...]

What do dogs really want to eat?

Mike Asked: I have a beautiful German Shepherd that is really fussy about food. What do dogs really like to eat? ~ Mike from Prospect Lake Advisor Ming answers: I have noted in my comprehensive study of fauna in all four corners of the earth, that nothing is stronger than a dog's urge to eat maple flavored bacon.  … [Read more...]

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