How can I remove my private parts from a photocopier?

Jack Asked: I urgently need your advice on extricating my private parts from a Toshiba CX-190 model photocopier with a moving flat-bed (worst design ever). It seems that in my excitement to create some wonderful art work, I have gotten myself good and stuck. You're rapid response is appreciated. ~ Jack from Brentwood Advisor Pheobe answers: Well, you certainly deserve some … [Read more...]

Is Rome a desirable vacation destination?

Jimbo Asked: A friend suggested that I should spend a week or two in Rome looking at stuff. Is there anything worth seeing or doing there? ~ Jimbo from Grande Prairie Advisor Pheobe answers: It sounds to me like you have no idea what Rome is all about. You need an expert like me to tell you what to see. … [Read more...]

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