About Jen

Jen brings remarkable insight to the Board of Mediocre Advice. A former fashion model, Jen is a senior business executive with a Fortune 500 corporation. She’s a strong believer in volunteerism, and coordinates food bank services in greater Los Angeles. She is President-Emeritus of the American Foundation for Self-Improvement. She is an avid Pilates practitioner and triathlon competitor.

Jen’s personal experience helps her to identify deeply with mediocrity. She pledges to bring her formidable ability to the table in order to provide the mediocre advice and ensure its continuance in the lives of others.

Math troubles: How can I pass a math exam and improve my marks?

Amber Asked: This year I am taking algebra 2. I have always had trouble grasping math concepts. I feel I have taken advantage of all the extra help available to me but I am still not getting the grade I need. I am running out of ideas on what to do. Any suggestions? ~ Amber from Haverfordwest Advisor Jen answers: Assuming the instructor is a man, my advice is to warm up to the … [Read more...]

Are my students texting in class?

Dr. Duped Asked: When I started teaching at the university level for the very first time this year, I naively granted permission for my students to use their phones in class as note-taking devices. I don't think my students are taking notes. I think they are texting! What should I do? ~ Dr. Duped from the town so nice they named it twice. Advisor Jen answers: I would begin my … [Read more...]

Do I eat too much?

Bruised Banana Asked: If I eat the last piece of chicken after dinner has finished, but everyone is at the table, will people think I am fat? ~ Bruised Banana from an undisclosed location. Advisor Jen answers: The answer to whether you eat too much is entirely dependant on your physical appearance. If your body looks like you routinely eat everyone else's chicken too (i.e. your body … [Read more...]

What do you do if you don’t like a gift?

Jane Asked: Hi. I'm wondering if one of your advisors might be an expert in etiquette? Here is my question. If someone gives you a gift that you really don't like, then asks you if you like it, should you tell the truth or should you pretend that you do like it. What do you then do with the gift that you cannot stand? ~ Jane from Cannon Beach Advisor Jen answers: I recommend … [Read more...]

When do you know whether to start a new relationship?

Gillian Asked: When do you know whether you are ready for a serious relationship after the break-up of a 33-year marriage? ~ Gillian from Stuttgart Advisor Jen answers: Gillian, this is a difficult question to answer. I feel for your situation because 33 years is a very long time, indeed. It represents a major investment of emotions, and the sharing of the most intimate aspects of … [Read more...]

Please give some mediocre financial advice on equities.

Sally asked: My stock portfolio has been under-performing for almost as long as I have been investing in equities. Can you give me some mediocre financial advice, please ~ Sally Advisor Jen answers: One of the best methods to guarantee good financial performance is to sell your stocks for more that you paid for them. Do it as often as possible. Find a broker willing to do this for … [Read more...]

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