How Good is Mediocre Advice?

It’s better than you might think. Our panel of experts will carefully consider your question on any topic and provide you with the sort of advice that will leave you wondering… “Is this good advice?” “Is this terrible advice?” “Is this advice even useful?” The one thing you can be somewhat certain of is that you will get Mediocre Advice.

Our Board of Mediocre Advisors meet daily to debate each question. Unless you ask for a specific Advisor to answer your question, our Board will select the Advisor likely to give you the most mediocre advice. The advice will be posted to the website within 48 hours.

Tell us what you need advice on. Love and relationships? Politics? Workplace problems? Religion? Automotive repair? Nuclear engineering? Fashion? Personal hygiene? Mediocre Advice answers almost any question with mundane flair. Just ask us. Or don’t.

Ask For Advice

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