What is cell phone etiquette?


Manjeet asked:

I travel a fair bit and am being driven insane by people shouting into their cell phones in airports. Have you any suggestions on how to handle this gross violation of cell phone etiquette??

Advisor Lance answers: When it comes to proper cell phone etiquette, Nothing works better than a good public shaming. Get the attention of the offender and place your index finger in front of your mouth while mouthing the “shhhhhh” sound. If you can’t get her/his attention, make a loud “shhhhh” sound within earshot. If that still doesn’t work, move close to the person and repeat everything they say. A word of warning – you should be prepared for a bad reaction from the person. I was in the Calgary airport and was almost assaulted. In these cases, it is best to point out quickly that airport authorities take a very dim view indeed to violence around aircraft. Good luck!

A: (supplemental from Howard) This is a shameful bit of advice from Lance.


  1. avatar Gertrude says:

    This is a shameful piece advice.

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