Is Rome a desirable vacation destination?

Jimbo Asked:

A friend suggested that I should spend a week or two in Rome looking at stuff. Is there anything worth seeing or doing there? ~ Jimbo from Grande Prairie

Advisor Pheobe answers: It sounds to me like you have no idea what Rome is all about. You need an expert like me to tell you what to see.


  1. Jimbo, a trip to Italy is always a good idea – except perhaps in, say, 1944, when it was a very bad idea. There is plenty to see in Rome. If bar fights are your thing though, I suggest that you stay closer to home. A weekend trip to Lac La Biche might be fun.

    • I had a delightful wild boar pizza in Rome last month…great restaurants there to be sure!

    • I’ve heard of Rome, but I don’t know where it is, dear. Is it beside Ithica or Albany? It doesn’t really matter though I suppose. Just remember to send a postcard to your mom.

  2. avatar Friend of a Friend of Alberta says:

    Hey! Who’s dissing Lac La Biche?? I could think of worse places (just give me a minute)
    If you don’t care a fig about Rome, stay home. OR, on second thought, isn’t that why people go to Vegas??

    If you want really mediocre travel advice, ask Phil..he looks like he’s spent a lot of sleepless nights in remote hostels and unusual places…places where you need to keep one eye open so you don’t miss anything interesting in the middle of the night…

    • I have to agree with Friend of Alberta on this one. Lac La Biche is pretty cool – especially in January. I’ve spent a few lonely but lovely months there wallowing about in fits of despair. There’s a guy across the lake that makes some pretty fine moonshine. His truck busted through the ice one year and we went swimming. Man, that was fine.

      • Once again Phil triumphantly limps to the lowest common denominator. Nice.

        Jimbo, there is much to see in Rome. Go early to St. Peter’s to avoid the rush. Early October is a good bet because the crowds are diminished and the weather is ideal. Ciao!

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