Should I leave a tip for a chambermaid?

Lori  Asked:

Should I leave a tip for the hotel room cleaner/chambermaid? My husband likes to leave $20 under his boxer shorts on the floor, say’s it will “make her day!” I prefer to leave $2 taped under the toilet seat and if she finds that then she really earned it. What do you say?

Advisor Gertrude answers: I do hope that your husband isn’t wearing his shorts while on the floor offering his “tip”. That would be most undignified. Honestly Lori, this is a question that is best answered by the ponderer. I mean, let your conscience be your guide. If you feel that a tip is warranted, just leave one in a conspicuous place.


  1. Regarding the like the idea of taping the money to the seat, this is one of the most despicable suggestions I have heard. No wonder we have unionized workplaces. You might as well leave coupons for 10% discounts on round-the-world cruises.

    • I have found that service people often enjoy receiving notarized letters of thanks.

      • That’s just ridiculous. A colorful and scented card is a cherished token that is ideally suited for any person lucky enough to have scrubbed your toilet or made your bed.

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