Math troubles: How can I pass a math exam and improve my marks?

Amber Asked:

This year I am taking algebra 2. I have always had trouble grasping math concepts. I feel I have taken advantage of all the extra help available to me but I am still not getting the grade I need. I am running out of ideas on what to do. Any suggestions? ~ Amber from Haverfordwest

Advisor Jen answers: Assuming the instructor is a man, my advice is to warm up to the instructor and bat my eyelashes a few times saying “math’s hard” or “I don’t get it, can you help me”.  If my instructor was a woman and this also didn’t work, I might ask Mediocre Advisor Jacqui to have a try. On the other hand, Mediocre Advisor Lance might be successful with this clever manipulation regardless of the gender of the instructor. 


  1. Unfortunately due to a newborn baby this week, the eyelash-batting is not working. On top of that the feminine ploys I rely on to succeed in my other classes have been completely ignored by this instructor thanks to the new baby also. Jacqui and Lance, do you have any insight?

    • I could go to your class and slap him/her around a little if you want.

      • This is a particularly uncivilized response from Jacqui. Violence and threats have no place whatsoever on the Board of On behalf of the Board, I apologise, Amber. I think that if you just ask the instructor for some extra tutoring and genuinely try to improve, there is a good chance that you will receive leniency and a better mark that you perhaps might deserve. I am behind on my rent by just over three months now – simply by convincing my landlord that I am doing my best. Of course I am lying about it. I just need the extra money for beer.

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