What do dogs really want to eat?

Mike Asked:

I have a beautiful German Shepherd that is really fussy about food. What do dogs really like to eat? ~ Mike from Prospect Lake

Advisor Ming answers: I have noted in my comprehensive study of fauna in all four corners of the earth, that nothing is stronger than a dog’s urge to eat maple flavored bacon. 


  1. Fantastic post, I have two German Shepherds myself. Now I know what he wants to eat. Thanks! He hates cantaloupe.

  2. Have you tried to communicate with your dog about what she wants to eat. You need to learn the intricacies and importance of “dog-speak.” The canine language is complex and vital to how dogs communicate their well-being (or otherwise), their views and the status of their environment (and yours!).

    Get quiet. Listen carefully. Intonation, pitch, guttural inflection, repetitious patterns….they all contribute to the overall message a dog is conveying. If you listen close, it can be a true oracle.

    Try respectfully offering a series of healthy delicious foods – everything from fresh prawns to, yes, bacon. Let us know what you discover!

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