What does catfood taste like?

Harry Asked:

I was buying catfood yesterday and encountered a package label that claimed “New Improved Flavor”.  How does one verify that the claim is true? ~ Harry from Camrose.

Advisor Gertrude answers: Ever since my husband passed away and I lost my money, I have been eating catfood. It tastes a lot like canned corned beef, actually. If you will tell me the brand you are asking about, I’ll do the testing for you.


  1. I don’t feel comfortable with you tasting my catfood. Isn’t there a food bank in your town or something?

    • Oh, I don’t mind, dear. I can easily moderate the flavors with spices. Sometimes I grind some dried Iams chicken-favored catfood into a course powder and sprinkle that on little cutlets of Friskies salmon pate. I have a few more recipes up my sleeve. As long as the seals are unbroken, I will try any catfood once.

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