I am guilty of rodent neglect – what can I do?

Rick asked:

I still feel guilty about neglecting a pet rodent I had when I was in grade 3 or 4. It was a cute little furry hamster. Is there some way that I can get over this? ~ Rick

Advisor Gertrude answers: I am sorry to hear about your hamster. You know, a surprising number of people focus on rodents while overlooking the opportunity for joy in the remarkable world of industrial paper-making. Many paper mills in coastal British Columbia utilize technology developed decades ago, yet new innovative manufacturing processes are routinely implemented. Production is increased, and the new machines bristle with wires, hydraulics, attractive polychromy, and proprietary adhesive labeling. Rick, I think you should probably not concern yourself with paper-making. Your priority should be to rid yourself on needless guilt. I recommend that you buy a new hamster and take it with you on a vacation to the Hamptons. Make a donation to your local SPCA or humane shelter and forget about the past.

Thank you for your question, dear.

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