How can I tell if my boyfriend is lying?

Steph Asked:

I bought some nice new pants last week. My boyfriend says they don’t make me look fat, but I think he’s lying to me. How can I tell if he’s telling the truth? ~ Steph


Advisor Lance answers: This is a tough one. The lying boyfriend is probably the worst kind to have, with the possible exception of the stupid boyfriend. Steph, you should station at least five mirrors strategically around your home. Set them up so that you can see your boyfriend’s face whenever you walk past him in different locations. Put on the pants. Walk past him two or three times while checking his face in the mirrors. If you see him grimace or smirk, it is possible that he has been lying to you. If he doesn’t ask why you have placed mirrors all over your home, he is probably stupid too.





  1. avatar Ezekial Gunthanks III says:

    Eating has a long history of causing weight-gain. Food consumption is vastly over-rated.

    • Well Ezekial, the problem is that we all need to eat in order to live. The key is of course, is to eat in moderation. Have a burger, but maybe drink water instead of a sugary beverage.

  2. avatar Phatty in Phoenix says:

    On the other hand, if he doesn’t lie to you about THIS one issue, you’d better just dump the creep!

    • avatar Too True in Baloo says:

      I prefer TOTAL honesty! Diplomatic of course, but nonetheless it is better in the long run. Look to your friends to save you from your booboos! If you can’t count on your partner to save you from wearing something totally offensive or unflattering outside your own four walls, you’d better find someone who will! That’s like girlfriends who let you go around with your labels hanging out or your top on inside out, or even the date who won’t mention the food in your teeth…

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