Why am I drawn to certain Victorian painters?

Felix asked:

I am partial to the Victorian painters. The thing is, I become wistful when gazing at certain works of the Pre-Raphaelite botherhood. Is this normal? ~ Felix

Advisor Gertrude answers: No, it most certainly is not normal. You’re a very naughty young man, Felix. I have been told that some of these pictures depict scantily clad ladies. I suggest that if you are troubled by your “wistful” feelings, you should concentrate more on the works of other Victorian painters. Take, for example, Sir Edwin Henry Landseer, RA (British, 1802-1873). He was highly favoured by Queen Victoria. Landseer’s paintings depicting scenes in the Scottish Highland countryside are sure to quell your distasteful urges for the Pre-Raphaelites. Particularly appealing are the paintings of wholesome wildlife. My favourite is Monarch of the Glen. It is a wonderful picture depicting a majestic stag standing valiantly on a barren crag. Staring boldly into the wind, a magnificent rack of antlers rises rigid above his head. The sheer force of his rippling musculature is almost overpowering. I can stare at this picture for hours in the privacy of my drawing room.

Heading for the shower now, Gertrude.

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