How do I be assertive and tell a friend that I don’t want to buy her stupid products?

Shopped-Out Asked:

So Jamal, I’m asking you (since those other guys frankly look quite frightening, and I suspect I can already guess what the ladies would say!)…here goes:

They say I’m a fun gal, I have a great circle of friends, and we all get along great and pride ourselves on supporting each other. No disagreements ; no jealousies; no spouse trades, no nothing…but here’s my dilemma, rather boring though it seems: one of these great friends has a new business. I am very supportive and interested to hear the progress, but I just don’t see how I can use any of her products. Short of buying it all anyway, and having it rot in the garage or given out as dreaded Christmas presents every year to all the other friends, what am I going to do about not wanting to buy this stuff?? And more importantly, how do I keep saying complimentary things about the products if I’m not using any?

Thanks Jamal — and don’t worry — you can take your hands away from your face…we will not be offended by the wart!…in fact, maybe it adds new dimensions you never even thought of! Have a great day! ~ Shopped-Out in Burlingame.

Advisor Jamal answers: This is indeed a timely question, Shopped Out. It just so happens that I have developed a training program for the assertively-challenged. It is a simple process than can be learned by anyone in just 30 minutes. It can be yours with just 7 easy payments of $19.95. You can also realize a 35% savings if you sell the same package to a friend. And if that friend then sells the program to other friends, you will get 5% of every sale.


  1. I’d like a taste of that action.

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