What about my absent girlfriend?

William asked:

My girlfriend goes away to her remote cottage every summer. She says she loves me, but can’t avoid leaving me for months at a time. What am I to do? ~ William from Wales

Advisor Jamal answers: She adores you. Be happy that she is enjoying herself.


  1. I too am often alone. Spending quiet time with a table lamp is vastly underrated.

  2. I wouldn’t leave her up there alone for too long. She may forget who you are. Are you any good at cleaning pans?

  3. Jen – You may be on to something here. Sometimes a partner just needs a break from people who don’t know how to clean pans properly. They can benefit and recharge with a change of scene, some solitude, some time to stare at waves against the shore (no, not a table lamp). In the grand scheme of things though, a few days or weeks apart for people who really love each other so very much, is no problem at all. William should just try to communicate nearly everyday so that his girlfriend doesn’t forget who he is. Why doesn’t William just go and visit her?

  4. I’d like to have William’s phone number.

  5. I would like William’s phone number too! Does he have lonely nights, or a PVR?

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