What can I do about my body odor?

David Asked:

I operate in state of high anxiety, which causes me to have constantly wet underarms and garish yellow stains on my clothes.  I am at the end of my rope – colleagues and friends are avoiding me, my cat moved out and even my cleaner does not want my business anymore.  What can I do???

PS, I believe my anxiety may be caused by a long repressed memory, only recently surfaced though through hypnotherapy, of being dry-humped by a llama as a toddler when my mother lost me at the zoo.
~ David from Topeka, KA

Advisor Phil answers: Man, I can identify with this one.  Too often I see people shuffle away uncomfortably after getting close to me.  I was recently at the de Young Museum in San Francisco and people were just fleeing my presence while one nearby bystander seemed to be frozen in place, weeping with laughter.  I later heard a visitor later complaining about the guy’s behaviour in the men’s room.

But let’s get serious for a moment.  You are talking about simple BO, David.  You know, the simple under stains we all encounter in daily life.  The ghastly, excreted stains and effluvia of normal existence.  The puerile, malignant, vile excretions that no one should be surprised about.  The febrile oozing sores and pus-filled emanations that are standard fare for most people.  The purulent, cankerous, evil-smelling vile running poisons that seem to put people off.  They are all fools.  For the love of God, just embrace your humanity, David.

Regarding your early experience of maternal abandonment and the encounter with that farm animal, I recommend that you read some of the writings of Dr. Ruth Westheimer.


  1. Try showering and deodorant. Wash your clothes from time to time.

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