What is the best remedy for a hangover?

Charlie Asked:

What is the best cure for a hangover? ~ Charlie from Calgary

Advisor Jamal answers: Without doubt, the best remedy for a hangover is a 500 grams of un-salted butter. If you are fond of bacon, you could have some of that. The concoction really opens up the sluices. If you are feeling a little lack-lustre after consuming the stuff, try a bowl of sugar-cubes with honey. Then listen to some recordings of circular saws and crying babies.


  1. That’s stupid advice. A few beers outta do the trick, Charley. You could try smoking some catnip I guess.

  2. You could try not ever drinking alcohol in the first place.

  3. Ritalin works for me.

  4. I like a quiet time with my table lamp.

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