Do I eat too much?

Bruised Banana Asked:

If I eat the last piece of chicken after dinner has finished, but everyone is at the table, will people think I am fat? ~ Bruised Banana from an undisclosed location.

Advisor Jen answers: The answer to whether you eat too much is entirely dependant on your physical appearance. If your body looks like you routinely eat everyone else’s chicken too (i.e. your body is corpulent), then yes, people will think you are “fat”. If, however, your body-mass index is within normal parameters, about 50% of people will consider your act gluttonous, while the other 50% will consider your act frugal because they will perceive that you do not want food to go to waste.


  1. Koi eaters are rarely criticized.

  2. If, in casual conversation, people often refer to you as a “wheezing manatee”, I should think you would want to cease grasping at the last morsel on any dining table.

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