What is the best fish to eat?

Gil asked:

What is the tastiest fish to eat? ~ Gil

Advisor Gertrude answers: Thank you for your question, dear. I’ve been eating fish for a long time now. Without doubt, the tastiest fish is black cod, also known as sablefish. I prefer the black cod caught off the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. They’re caught in traps at very low depths, where the Pacific Ocean is clean and cold. Sablefish is truly the food of the Gods. Despite the price of fish, I wouldn’t scale back on eating hearty seafood. Warmest wishes, Gertrude.


  1. Hey grandma, your answer totally floundered. What about salmon?

    • Gil, I agree with Fynn, don’t be ‘soled’ a bill of goods, chum. Coho co ho ho ho coho coho!

  2. This thread is most distasteful. Koi is by far the most mediocre choice. The koi that I catch at Sir Ben Kingsley’s Cotswolds estate is a favorite among his hounds.

  3. avatar Kilgore Trout says:

    I find pufferfish to be the best. I’ve never had it myself but serve it regularly to family and friends. There are some Japanese chefs who specialize in the dish but they’re quite wasteful, often throwing large portions in the trash. I can’t stand to see that kind of waste when people are staving in India. I won’t have it. Therefore my guests get every delectable morsel.

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