Are brown shoes acceptable with blue pants?

Miss Matched Asked:

My roommate and I have a disagreement which I was hoping the board of mediocre advise givers could settle. If you are wearing a navy blue pair of pants, does fashion sense dictate that you wear brown shoes or black shoes? Thanks for the help! ~ Miss Matched from Hoboken

Advisor Lance answers: I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked this question. Brown shoes (with a matching belt) can look absolutely fabulous if the quality of the leather goods and the fabric are good. Remarkably, even some of the most savvy sartorialists are unaware of the virtues of this formidable fashion pairing. I would always choose brown shoes over black when worn with blue trousers except when it comes to faded denim, in which case black shoes are super!


  1. I always choose brown safety-boots while working in our engineering lab. They really compliment my teal lab coat.

    • I agree with Premeeka. I use camel-toned hip waders while fishing for koi in Victorian country house garden ponds. When paired with the finest British wicker fishing baskets, the look can be quite fetching. I’ve been unexpectedly invited into several drawing rooms just because I looked so fine from the windows.

  2. I would tap a dude wearing brown shoes with blue pants.

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